Hunting with bow & arrow in Finland

These pages contain information about Finnish Bowhunting Association, a non-profit association promoting hunting with bow & arrow in Finland. You will also find information about various activities, as well as basic information about requirements when hunting with bow & arrow in Finland. Material is available (unfortunately) almost only in Finnish.

Association and its members arrange training opportunities (basic and IBEP courses, camps) and competitions (SJML Cup) around the country, provide two leased hunting areas for its members (free access!), acquire visibility in fairs and local events, and communicate through its’ own magazine Jäkkärä as well as these web pages.

In addition to our own information, Finnish Wildlife Agency provides good summary of hunting regulations, game animals and hunting times in English (and German, Russian and Swedish) language. Please familiarize yourself with the information, because same regulations apply also to a person hunting with bow & arrow. In table of game animals you’ll learn which game species can be hunted with bow & arrow. Look for letter ”B” in the rightmost column.

In addition to above mentioned information, please take note on following bowhunting specific regulations:

  • Hunting bow’s draw weight must be more than 180 N (41+ pounds).
  • When hunting european or canadian beaver, roe deer, fallow deer, red deer, sika deer, white-tailed deer, forest reindeer, mufflon and wild boar the diameter of your broadhead must equal or exceed 22 mm (7/8″).
  • When hunting beavers, the arrow must be attached to bow with a string/line.
  • A successful shooting test is required in hunting a deer, mufflon or wild boar with a hunting bow
  • It is illegal to use crossbow for hunting in Finland.

For additional information about bowhunting related topics in our country, feel free to contact persons listed in Contacts page. Most of us speak & write English, and we’re willing to help you!

There is also an area in our discussion forum for questions and answers in English. You can start a new topic by pressing ”Add a New Topic”.

Note: You need to register yourself to these pages before being able to post a question to Forum. Quick Translation: ’Käyttäjätunnus’ means ’Username’, and ’Sähköposti’ means ’email address’.

Enjoy the local language 😉


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